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The health benefits of the Greek yogurt has been very useful to man. A majority of individuals that consume Greek yogurt would like to know the recipe of making it.

The local grocery store has different items used in making Greek yogurt. Making of Greek yogurt by a beginner, the use of a yogurt maker will be of great aid.

Greek yogurt ingredients include the use of pasteurized milk, milk powder, and yogurt culture. Depending on one’s amount of Greek yogurt the ingredients will measured accordingly.

The other Greek yogurt tool is a set of glass or plastic containers especially those that have lids for covering. A large pot, whisk and piece of cloth strainer are also usable in making Greek yogurt.

Heating the milk for about three to five minutes is the first procedure. The milk temperature change is measured with the use of a thermometer.

The cooling of the milk will take some time after boiling at 110 degree that will be used for making Greek yogurt. Adding the milk powder to the boiled milk can also be done as an individual.

The yogurt culture is the second step that’s added into the milk in the saucepan.After adding the yogurt culture stir the mixture properly and put them in the plastic or glass containers.

There’s a certain amount of temperature in an insulated bag that is used for placing the Greek yogurt containers which is the other step.The insulated bag should be portable with temperatures of about 108 degrees.

In case a person does not have the insulated bag they can use heavy towels instead for covering the containers. The covering of the containers should be for four to twelve hours.

An individual can use a wireless thermometer while engaging in other activities to monitor the increase or decrease in temperature. When yogurt inside the container moves together it means its ready.

Using rubber bands to firmly hold the piece of the cloth on top of the bowl is a necessary procedure.The yogurt in the container is poured into the made bowl strainer.

The thickness of the yogurt increases after placing the bowl with the mixture in a fridge for a couple of hours to allow it to drain. The draining of the yogurt can also be done in a fine grade strainer.

The yogurt thickness increases after staying for more time thus making it delicious. Greek yogurt is expensive therefore learning how to make at home will save one a lot of costs.

Finally, family members can also enjoy homemade Greek yogurt as a snack.
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